Sameer Dhamangaonkar


    Sameer is the designer and co-founder of Snovel. He is an Engineer, MBA & IPR Professional too.

        Parag Kendrekar

        Creative Headक्रिएटिव्ह हेड

        Parag is an Architect from J J School of Arts. The ingenious mind of Parag looks after creative strategies at Snovel.

            Aniruddha Joshi

            Creative Directorदिग्दर्शक

            Aniruddha is a graduate in Theatre Arts. He has been working as a professional TV serial actor, Theater actor, Audio director since more than 10 years. He has directed many audio projects and has been a voice over artist too.

                Anjali Kulkarni

                Creative Directorदिग्दर्शक

                Anjali has vast experience in Radio and Media industry. She has worked with World Space Radio station (Radio Surabhi). She is an established audio program director.

                    Gandhaar Sangoram

                    Music Directorसंगीत दिग्दर्शक

                    Gandhar is a gifted music composer and sound engineer by profession. He has worked as a music composer for many films, dramas, jingles. He looks after music and soundscape strategy for Snovel.

                        Akshay Vaidya

                        Sound Designerसाउंड डिझायनर

                        Akshay is a qualified ‘Sound Engineer’, studied in USA. He has a varied experience ranging from corporate films, audio-books to TV sitcoms; drama and Feature Films!

                            Ganesh Visputay

                            Literary Advisorसाहित्यिक सल्लागार

                            Ganesh is a acclaimed Poet, Critic, Writer, Translator, Painter. He is the literary adviser of Snovel.

                                Rucha Apte

                                Creative Directorदिग्दर्शक

                                Rucha has Masters in Communication Studies. She is into theatre and television field as an actor since last 7 years. She has also directed many audio projects.

                                    Nachiket Devasthali

                                    Creative Directorदिग्दर्शक

                                    Nachiket is active in theater and film circle since 2001 as an actor and director. He has directed many audio projects and has been a voice over artist too.

                                        Shardul Saraf

                                        Creative Directorदिग्दर्शक

                                        Shardul is a Graduate in Theatre art and Masters in Communication Studies. He is active in film, theater and television industry, as an actor, director, script writer. He also has experience of Audio industry.

                                            Vaibhav Kulkarni


                                            Vaibhav is co-founder of Snovel. He is an adviser to Snovel. He is an Engineer and MBA.

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