Ek Asto Builder, Snovel brings audio to Marathi Kadambari

ek asto builder - Marathi Kadambari

Every format of Marathi literature has some distinct characteristics. Some people like short stories, some prefer poetry, some people love dramas, and some are fond of Marathi Kadambari (novel). It is impossible to decide which format is superior and which one is inferior? Individual choice and liking are critical aspects.

Snovel.in is the pioneer in bringing the best Marathi literature in audio format.

It is an innovative and creative concept that has become immensely popular in very short time. Snovel is keen to increase the Marathi literature spread in wider demographic. The team works relentlessly to search the masterpiece works from the ocean of Marathi literature and convert it into a form that is interesting, engaging and mind-boggling. “Ek Asto Builder”, the extraordinary Marathi Kadambari of a builder

Team Snovel always tries to bring classic books that are not only entertaining but inspiring as well. Selection of every book is done after a critical review and discussions. It is the reason; every book in the collection is a masterpiece. The new entrant in the list of Audio Books, “Ek Asto Builder” by Dr Sudhir Nirgudkar also fulfills all the criteria mentioned above. It is the story of an extraordinary person who doesn’t want to remain confined within the professional boundaries but tries to explore the unexplored all the time. It is an attempt by Snovel to reach all age groups, all people – who like reading plus who do not like reading.

The book is written in the form of autobiographical novel -. There is always a risk of describing incidents and people with a prejudiced point of view. One becomes self-defensive at times and tries to paint others in the dark shades of gray. However, Dr Nirgudkar is honest, transparent and candid while narrating incidents in his life.

In the long journey as a professional, he met thousands of people with different personalities, perceptions and behavior. He talks about how people ditched him and also remembers gratefully those who helped him out of the way.

Though the author calls himself “an ordinary man and just a builder” in the preface, actually, he is not. The story reveals the extraordinariness of this multifaceted personality. He is an entrepreneur, agriculturist, art lover and much more self-confidence and self-reliance are the two takeaways. Dr Nirgudkar has always believed that each one of us is blessed with immense powers, and it depends on how does he or she perceives it? He feels that the habit of winning or losing is in the mind, and one can overcome it by self-reliance and confidence. He has proved it for himself so many times. Whether it is the incident of learning how to eat using chopsticks during his Japan visit or getting felicitated with the Doctorate from Pune University, the incidents underline his attitude.

At the same time, he wants to return something to the society and country that made him a successful person. Several charitable trusts and organizations have been benefited by Nirgudkar Foundation, the trust established by him.

It is an overwhelming experience listening to Ek Asto Builder – Marathi Kadambari

Apt dramatization, superb sound effects, and perfect voice modulation make it an audio treat. Sunil Barve’s charming voice for Dr. Nirgudkar makes a different impact altogether. A “must listen” Marathi Kadambari for everyone!

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