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Reading is the first love for every “Marathi Manus” from ages. Maharashtra and Marathi language carry a proud history of writers, poets, thinkers and philosophers.  From the era of religious poets in the 15th century to the most contemporary female writers, everybody has added great value to the society. The habit of reading has been nurtured and transited from generations to generations in the Marathi families. Marathi books are part – of life.

Marathi Books Online

As the cliché goes, “change is the only constant thing in life”; the habit of reading too goes from a transformation phase. In spite of having a great affection for books, people find it difficult to spare time for it. Fierce competition, extended working hours, and excessive stress takes away the enthusiasm and energy of reading a few pages of their favorite book before bedtime. Though Ebooks are available on the Internet, many people feel it cumbersome to read Marathi books online.

Now listen to Marathi Books online, anytime and anywhere!

Again, technology comes forward with a phenomenal option for the busy buddies. is the pioneers in the field of converting classic Marathi literature into audio form. It is convenient and just marvelous!

What is Snovel? Is it just an Audio Book that narrates pages after pages in a dull and lull form? No, you are totally mistaken. Audio books by Snovel bring a full-fledged listening experience. It is interesting, engaging and simply amazing.

No need to download Marathi books anymore! Download the app, pick your favorite story and enjoy whenever you wish to. Listen to it while travelling, cooking, changing the diapers of the baby or even while you are stuck-up in the traffic jam. Yes, it is so handy and so convenient that you fall in love with the app.

What is so special about Snovel?

The “Team Snovel” wants to bring an excellent “Audio experience” to the listeners. -. However, the audio book format chosen by Snovel is totally different from traditional one person narration. Experts say that it goes quite close to the “Shrutika” format which was incredibly popular amongst radio listeners.

Each audio book is narrated by noted stage and movie artists of Marathi theatre. There are dialogues, background music and sound effects that take the listeners to a different state of mind. We start visualizing the scenes and get involved with the storyline. It is perhaps, the most distinguished aspect of Snovel Audio Books.

Get registered, buy it and own it!

Pay Once, Listen Lifetime!

You need to register to the website and buy audio one time. It will be available forever, and you can play it as many times as you want. is the new way of enjoying classic literature in a different form. Get the overwhelming experience of listening to the classic Marathi literature!

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