Listen to Jim Corbett’s classic “Man eaters of Kumaon” in audio format

Tigers are the most fascinating and magnificent creatures. With their unmatched elegance and immense power, they are truly the kings of the jungle. Tigers always keep a distance from human beings as we aren’t part of their natural food chain. However, due to some unavoidable reasons (and sometimes, just by mistake), they get the taste of human flesh. It kicks off an unending sequence of mishaps.

Some of the hunters, who rescued people from the terror of man-eaters by killing them, wrote their experiences. Jim Corbett is one of the best hunter-turned-writer who wrote many books in this niche.

Jim Corbett was a hunter-turned-conservationist who did not kill tigers just for fun. He helped humanity by killing the tigers who became a threat to the life of innocent people. In the later life he delivered lectures about conserving the natural habitat and forests. He was the driving force behind establishing the Hailey National Park in Kumaon, which was renamed as Jim Corbett National Park in the honor of this great hunter.

Hunting stories by Jim Corbett in audio format, a “must listen” experience

Snovel brings an overwhelming experience in the form of “Kumaon che Narbhakshak”, an audio book conversion of the English classic “Man eaters of Kumaon” by Jim Corbett. The noted hunter-turned-writer is famous for his crispy style and incredible storytelling skills. The audio format is an equally enchanting and overwhelming experience.

The book contains different stories of different encounters with man-eaters who spoiled the peace of the adjoining villages. They killed innocent farmers, workers, or cattle and made the daily chores impossible. It is mesmerizing to hear the chilling and thrilling stories at, with great sound effects, music and voice modulation. You get engaged with the sequence of events and the narration by leading Marathi actors Sachin Khedekar and Kiran Yadnyopavit.

It also underlines the skill of including first-hand information about the flora and fauna, the daily life of villagers and minute details of the jungle life. You get to know about the hardships and troubles of living in one of the most obscure and deceitful jungles of India. The listening experience is like a travelogue, more than a mere hunting book.

All stories are just superb

Jim Corbet, rightly called as “Sahib” by the localities was a true hero of his times.  In spite of being hard core British, he seamlessly intermingled with the tribal people, villagers and others. He took every possible effort to chase and kill the nasty man-eaters.

“Thak Cha NArbhakshak” is perhaps the most enchanting stories that describes the breathtaking challenge taken by Jim Corbett to kill the female tiger within a week. The female tiger had taken 4 innocent lives and became a great risk for the life of villagers. Jim could kill her at the last moment using his exceptional skills and presence of mind. Fantastic narration and mind-boggling music effects take you to a different world.

Another story “Cahugadche Wagh” is about a female tiger and her cub that killed more than 60 people in the widespread 1500 Square Miles of the Eastern Kumaon. Jim had to take enormous efforts for more than a year. However, he did not lose hopes and ultimately succeeded. The story not only depicts the thrills of killing the furious tigers but also unfolds the hidden facets of the personality of Jim Corbett.

The third story, “Robin” is not about tigers but it is about his favorite dog Robin who helped in several hunting missions. The dog himself was in deep trouble when he was attacked by a leopard. Jim ultimately saved the life of his beloved dog.

With apt audio transcription, effective narration and thrilling sound effects, it is an unforgettable experience to hear the audio book brought to you by It is a magnificent attempt!

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