Marathi Kadambari: Enjoy novels on the go

Marathi literature has a glorious past, and reading is a passion for people of Maharashtra. A collection of Marathi Kadambari can be found in almost every home in the cities.

For Marathi Kadambari (Novel) lovers, Snovel has come up with a unique way for busy individuals to pursue their love of books by enabling them to enjoy novels on the go through an audio experience mobile app platform. Snovel’s unique sound effects and background music make listening to the story a highly entertaining experience!

Advantages of the Snovel Audio Experience App

• Classic Marathi novels and stories in the form of audio books
• You can enjoy them while travelling, leisure time, working in the kitchen and while jogging
• A revolutionary idea in Marathi literature which will change the way people look at novels
• You can store audio books in your mobile phones using the mobile app platform
• Narration by distinguished movie and theater personalities
• Audio books contain not just narration, but also sound effects and background music
• Dramatic presentation of book with different characters, voice modulation and sound effects.
• The reading is so impressive and full of emotions that you get submerged into the emotions and feelings
• There is a director, music directors and cast for each book; it’s just like a movie
• Our website has a large collection of Marathi books already published and new books are regularly added to the list

Reading a Marathi book is certainly a great experience but hearing it in the audio format is equally blissful. Especially when books are recorded in the voices of great artists of Marathi Theater and films, there is no question about the class. We bring Marathi translations of classic literature as well.

So opt for the unique style of listening to your favorite Marathi books instead of reading them. Snovel assures you a delightful experience by providing you with the pleasure of listening to Marathi Books.


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