Experience a new way of Infotainment by Snovel Audio App available in iOS and Android

Reading is one of the best hobbies because it not only recreates us, but also increases imaginative power and thinking ability. Indian languages carry a bright and glorious history of literature, and a few of them are distinctly known for quality and excellence. Marathi is one of them where the history of written text goes as back as 500 years ago. Right from the ages of poets of the 15th century to the literary figures of the 21st century, there is a galaxy of renowned and great writers.

snovel audio app

With the changing times, the habits and hobbies have also changed. Today, people do not find time to read their favorite books because of professional commitments and time crunch. Technological advancement finds the ways and means to fulfill the urge of good literature by new-age digital readers. However, sometimes it is not possible to find time for reading digital books as well.

At this point, miraculous apps such as Snovel come with a brilliant idea of providing the favorite bestsellers in the form of stories available in an audio app. It is an innovative concept which brings the whole world of literature in an amazingly convenient way.  Snovel redefines the age-old storytelling idea in a new avatar – the audio app.

What is Snovel Audio App?

You go to the Google App Store and type Snovel in the search box. Yes, it is there! The amazing world of literature opens you by downloading this cute little lightweight app. You needn’t worry about the phone model and OS version! It is there for Android users and iOS users.  Just click and install; that’s it. The app is multifunctional and multi-device. Use it while burning calories on the treadmill, relaxing in the garden or during the flight.

Some techie stuff!

It is not necessary to clean up your phone before installing the app. It is quite lightweight with the size of 6MB hardly! The version available on Google App runs on Android 4.1 and above. The experts are still busy in finding out bugs and removing them. However, the current version is quite stable and efficient. The app is 100% FREE, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for downloading it. Download now and enter the fascinating world of literature.

What does the audio app do?

Well, you are a “kitabi keeda” (bookworm) who loves spending time in flipping through the pages of books. Snovel Audio App brings the same joy in a different manner. Install the app and you can listen to the masterpiece books brought to you by Snovel. The company brings a series of fantastic books in Audio Format. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is!

You will be amazed to know that these books are not just narration, but feast to the ears with incredible voice modulation, mind blowing sound effects and the most appropriate music. When brilliant brains work behind the curtain to bring the precious treasure of stories, novels, biographies and science fiction; the effect is just awesome!

Set free from the limitations of time and space by downloading this amazing audio app. You can listen to your favorite piece of literature anytime and anywhere.

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