Your busy schedule isn’t a barrier to the hobby of reading

There is a software engineer who works in shifts aligned to the overseas client; even weekends are spent in front of the laptop sometimes. There is a busy homemaker who is busy with daily chores and family for 24 hours a day seven days a week. There is a senior citizen with old age troubles of the eyesight that make reading the daily newspaper also a cumbersome task. They all are fond of reading. However, pressing daily routines, unavailability of time, and medical reasons make it very difficult to read the favorite works of literature.

Snovel brings literature to you, anywhere and everywhere!

We all carry sweet memories of reading books during childhood and adolescence. As we grow old and get involved in the professional life, it becomes difficult to continue the habit of reading. It is quite disappointing. Don’t get disheartened by the inability of finding time for your favorite thing. The world of Internet brings a phenomenal experience in the form of Snovel.

What if you have the treasure of your favorite books available when you spend morning hours in jogging or morning walk? What if you read the bestseller book while you cook for the family? What if you enjoy a suspense thriller while you sit on a poolside or beach? What if you read books while working on the computer? Exciting, isn’t it?

Yes, Snovel comes out with a phenomenal idea of converting all the famous works of literature in audio books format  – Something that you always wanted in your personal library. They are all timeless classics and blockbusters.

It’s an overwhelming experience, not simple audio books

The audio books presented by are optimal dramatized conversion of the content which is engaging and interesting. It contains background music, voice modulations and soundscape design. When the senior and experienced theater personalities present the content, the overall effect is enthralling.

Here are some aspects that make Snovel’s Audio Books unique:

• It is easy: It is a mobile app. Therefore, incredibly easy and handy. You need to download the app, login and enjoy the favorite work of great writers.
• It is fast: The app is incredibly lightweight and fast. It doesn’t put extra load on the Internet bandwidth. No need to bother about handset configuration!
• It is convenient: Since you are mobile-savvy, using Snovel app is as easy as ABC. To enjoy great pieces of the literature, you need not be technology literate.
• It is forever: It is a lifetime purchase. You need to spend once and listen to it for lifetime.
• It is omnipresent: Snovel app is versatile and multipurpose. It supports a wide variety of platforms. Thus, compatibility is not an issue.

The listing of books contains a widespread coverage of subjects and genres. There are thrillers, fictions, motivational books, thrillers, and comic books. Not only Marathi audio books but translated classics from other languages like English, Hindi and Bengali make the collection multifaceted. Enjoy the astonishing experience of listening to your heartthrob books with Snovel. It is a groundbreaking concept indeed!

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