Need for Audio Stories

In recent years, the habit of reading has faced a serious challenge due to the hectic lifestyle and scarcity of time in big cities and metros. The different options opted by people for reading Marathi books as well as other books can be defined as –

  1. Library- The Library is a place where you can read or purchase any type of book. However going to a public library takes up a lot of time. One has to reserve some spare time for visiting a public library.
  2. Purchasing books - Another option of catching up with the latest crime stories or romance novels is to purchase them from nearby stores. The stock of books in a bookstore doesn’t always give you guarantee that the book is available at that time or not. Focusing on Marathi books these have become scarcer and there are only few stores now which stock regional language books. Moreover, there is a high expense involved in purchasing books.
  3. Buying EBooks - You can download eBooks and read them immediately. In most cases, they are cheaper than their paperback counterparts. EBooks also offer convenience of portability since you can store your personal library of eBooks on your PC, laptop or mobile phones. However prices for many eBooks especially bestsellers are similar to those of hard cover books and are sometimes higher. Most importantly, most ebooks nowadays come only in English thus limiting the ability to reach a mass audience

Reading is a great habit that enhances creativity and power of learning as well as imagination. But in today’s scenario the scarcity of time and pressures of professional environment do not spare much time for reading. Its is this problem that the Snovel app resolves.

With smartphones readily available, all you have to do is download the Snovel App and enjoy your favourite Marathi audio stories while on the go.. A highly entertaining method to solve the void of not getting time to read!

Snovel Audio Stories

Advantages of Snovel audio stories:

  1. Enjoy them while travelling, leisure time, working in the kitchen and even jogging
  2. Idea is incredibly convenient. You can store audio books in your mobile phones as well.
  3. Entertaining style sound effects and background music
  4. The books have been narrated by some distinguished movie and theater personalities
  5. There is a director, music directors and cast for each books; just like a movie
  6. A dramatic presentation of book with different characters, voice modulation and sound effects
  7. The reading is so impressive and full of emotions that you get submerged into the emotions and feelings
  8. The website has a large collection of Marathi books already published and there are new books getting added to the list
  9. Available on Android and iOS
  10. Search stories according to their genre like Adventure, children, contemporary, classic, horror, humor and much more.
  11. Marathi translations of classic literature in Hindi, English and other languages.
  12. Authors like Munshi Premchand and Satyajit Ray also mark their presence in the list of audio stories released so far.

So opt for the unique style of listening to your favorite Marathi books instead of reading them. Snovel ensures you with a delightful experience by providing you with the pleasure of listening to Marathi Audio Stories.


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