Snovel Podcast

Expression is one of the fundamentals of human nature. The ability to express in any form is what one craves for and people find their own ways to express themselves, to reach out to other humans. Storytelling is a favorite activity in any society, and all of us are no exception. Podcast caters to a very similar need – sharing of thoughts, stories, experiences, opinions on different topics and the endless list.

Podcast in Indian market is a growing medium these days. The medium is relatively young in the Marathi language.

A podcast can be an episodic series of audio files which user can listen via streaming on a device or the podcast can also be archival audio content, not essentially in a series format but can be stand-alone.

Snovel’s podcast is catering to Marathi listeners, to begin with; but open for all other Indian languages.

Snovel attempts to bring various topics in an audio medium in a simple, lucid way – free for its users. All you need is Internet on your device. We are trying to bring various types of audio programs including experiences, articles, stories, audio series from various authors in the voice of experienced artists; on this Snovel Podcast platform.

Welcome to Snovel Podcast!